Bring you own paddleboard or kayak to St Andrews Watersports
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Bring Your Own

Have your own kayak or paddleboard?

Book one of our 'BYO' sessions and keep active whilst chilling out.



Each session is 3hrs in duration throughout the day.

Many people choose to spend the day with us, so just book your sessions back-back, although you do have to be off the water at closing time even if you arrived only 30mins before close of play!

Whilst with us, enjoy the lake side beach and homemade food from the lake side cafe.

Manage Your Regular Bookings

If you are one of our regular boarders or kayakers, you can manage your bookings via our online booking system by creating a customer profile/account.

This can be done when making your first booking of sign up at a later date.

Please note: the system will not allow you to change your booking within 3days of your booked session, it will also not allow you to process a refund for yourself.

Please contact our office to process any refund due.