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7.3m rock climbing wall at St Andrews Watersports, St Andrews Lakes, Halling, Kent.

Climbing Wall

7.3m.....that's 24ft of fun adrenaline filled climbing!

Come have a go at our rock climbing tower and challenge yourself to see just how high you can climb.

With 15 different routes to the top, it is suitable for both adults and children (5+yrs), novice and experienced.


Equipped with the latest harnesses and auto Belay breaking system, you will feel safe whilst climbing and when you get to the top or as high as you feel happy with, just let go and the system automatically floats you back to the ground!

Our climbing wall is exciting as soon as you see it, offering a real adrenaline rush as our trained staff get you into your climbing harness -  Great fun for kids and extra competition for adults!

Book your climb whilst onsite or in advance through our booking site.

Clip & climb sessions.

Duration: 30min session. Depending on ability allows for 20min climb time. 

Cost: £12 per person.

Group & Parties.

Why not come along with your group or party and take part in one of our great climbing activities.

St Andrews Lakes Climbing wall_edited.jpg
7.3m climbing wall at St Andrews Watersports, St Andrews Lakes, Halling, Kent
Climbing wall, St Andrews Lakes, Halling, Kent.

Clip & Climb

4 climbers at any one time.

Depending on your group numbers will determine climb times. Please contact us to discuss group requirements.


Rapid Rock Face

Each climbing side has a buzzer at the top of the wall.

When all climbers are ready, race to the top, buzz and drop. First one on the ground wins!



This activity is a fun way to add some tossing and catching challenges to the climbing experience. It involves climbers and non-climbers. 

Catch-N-Climb includes one climber and one non-climber per climbing panel side.

Non-climbers are positioned at the edge of the ground mats - it is their job to toss the ball to the climbers as they climb.

Climbers line up and start climbing when a whistle sounds. Another whistle sounds for the climber to stop, turn and catch the ball. Toss the ball back to their team mate on the ground.

The team with the most successful catches wins!

Party room hire at St Andrews Lakes

Party Room Hire

It's summer party time season, so come and celebrate with us by booking a group activity along with our new party room.

Quality catering packages available from our on-site cafe.

Climbing Wall T&C's

  • Minimum Height of 102cm (3ft)

  • Minimum Age 6yrs old

  • Weight must be between 18kg-113kg (3st-18st)

  • Must be in good health

  • Listen and obey employees at all times

  • Read and obey all posted Warning signs

  • Participant cannot be intoxicated

  • No smoking, vaping, food or beverage inside the climbing area

  • No side to side climbing or swinging

  • Feet first repelling only - Do not kick back further than 3 feet

  • Do not step on safety cables

  • No open toe shoes

  • Do not climb above wall

  • NO CLIMBERS without approved safety wear and systems

  • Do not climb if slack is present in the cable


Mobile Climbing Wall Hire

Mobile Climbing Wall Rental. Kent

If you would like to have a climbing wall at your event, our 7.3m wall is fully transportable.

Supplied with two trained staff members.

Day rate.


Rent for yur event
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