St Andrews Watersports at St Andrews Lake

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you supply wetsuits?

No we don't. You are more than welcome to bring your own.

Can I bring my camper-van?

We permit VW type camper-vans, as long as you are using it to carry your watersports equipment. This is due to current planning permissions and also our COVID-19 controls. We cannot permit you to set up 'camp' for your duration with us. 

Can I have a BBQ?

We are controlling gatherings due to COVID-19. Therefore we are not permitting BBQ's at this time

I have not received my refund

If you have managed your own cancellation through our booking portal, you will need to request a refund from us.

Depending on you card issuer, refunds may take 3-7days to show in your account.

May we spend all day lazing on the lake beach?

At the moment whilst the site is being developed and offerings grown, we do not permit general access to the beach area. This is reserved for those taking part in booked watersport activities.

Can we walk around the lake?

At the moment no. We are unable to accommodate general site access. Access is only permitted to those who have pre-booked activities.

Are dogs allowed on site?

We have sadly had to make the decision to not allow dogs due to owners not being responsible in clearing up any mess.

How many people can I bring along?

To control numbers of people on site, we only allow those who have booked watersports activities or parents who are supervising under 18's.

Can we have more than one person per Stand Up Paddleboard?

No. These are single person boards unless a young child is learning with you.

Is my swim induction elsewhere valid with you? 

No. Swim inductions are unique to each venue.

Can my swim group attend?

Yes of course. Each person must be inducted to swimming at the lake.

Can I stay the night and camp?

Sadly not. We do not have the resources to offer camping at this time.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all the major payment cards. Cash is not accepted during these times of COVID-19.

Current Opening Hours:


Open 0900hrs.

Off the water by 1100hrs

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