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Open Water Swimming


Latest Water Temp: 17ºc

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Open Water Swim Session

Please note: All open water swimmers MUST have completed a pre-booked induction with us before swimming.



Open Water Swim Private Coaching

1:1 coaching for those wanting to improve technique and confidence with lessons tailored to the individual. Available from May onwards.

Boxing Day Dip

1000 - 1100.

great way of getting out of the house after that Christmas Day stuffing!

Summer Solstice Swim, St Andrews Lakes

Summer Solstice Swim

20th June 04.30am

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Open Water Swim Induction

Please note: All open water swimmers MUST have completed a pre-booked induction with us before swimming.

Moon Swim

2024 dates:

23rd March

20th April

26th May

14th September

16th November

New Year Day Dip


1100 - 1200

A perfect cure to get over that New Years Eve celebration!

Summer Solstice Swim, St Andrews Lakes

Winter Solstice Swim

21st December 15.30


20 Swim Package

Purchase 20 swims for £160, saving you £20!



Lake Perimeter Swim

2024 dates;

6th June 6pm

30th June 8am

3rd July 6pm

28th July 8am

7th August 6pm

25th August 8am

4th September 6pm

29th September 8am


Halloween Swim

31st October @ 6pm

Join us for a great evening of fancy dress around the fire pit and in the water. Prize for the best dressed!

St Andrews Lakes is proud to be affiliated with NOWCA as an open water swim venue. Bringing you year-round open water water swimming experience like no other in this part of the world.

The water here at St Andrews Lakes is the most beautiful turquoise in colour and incredibly clean; being spring fed, originating from the Chilterns. Water quality is tested on a monthly basis and always returns an 'Outstanding' result, being well above 'Bathing Water Quality'. You won't be battling with mud and reeds or swimming through a cloud of green water with us!

During the summer months the lake surface water warms up to 20c bringing many indoor pool swimmers outside to enjoy the fresh air, cooling down to around 6c in the latter winter months; Making you feel truly alive!


From April through to October we have two lengths of course available for you to swim. It's up to you to swim whichever you wish when you get in the water! 

  • 200 metre triangle

  • 600 metre  triangle

During the colder months when the water drops to 10°C, the course is bought closer to the shore and reduced down to 200m for increased safety whilst swimming in cold water.

NOWCA Membership

Your safety is taken extremely seriously. We have therefore partnered with the National Open Water Coaching Association (NOWCA), adopting the NOWCA safety system and bringing to you many benefits of being NOWCA members, in the way of various courses and partner discounts.

To swim with us at St Andrews Lakes you must be a current member of NOWCA (£15yr) and have successfully completed a 1:1 induction with us at the lake.


Your safety is our number 1 priority, so we do have some simple rules that have to be followed;

  • All swimmers must be current members of NOWCA and using the NOWCA safety wristband.

  • All swimmers must have successfully completed an induction with one of our swim staff prior to booking a swim session.

  • All swimmers are required to wear a brightly coloured swim cap and be equipped with a safety tow float. 

  • All our sessions are lifeguard supervised; You're always being looked after!

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