Adult Sailing


Many adults much prefer our option of 1:1 tuition that can generally be scheduled at a time to suit. If however you would still like to join a group based course, rest reassured we  keep our course participant numbers low.

At a ratio of 1:3 instructor/trainee, we ensure you get the most out of your course and time on the water. The majority of water sport centres run courses on 1:6 instructor/trainee ratios.

The boat you'll learn is the Topper Topaz Uno; Supplied by Ashford based and internationally acclaimed Topper Sailing.

1:1 Private Tuition

1:1 tuition is available to book on a Sunday afternoon during the winter season.

Cost: £60/hr

Includes the use of a wetsuit.

RYA Level 1 (Start Sailing)

If you are new to sailing then RYA Level 1 is the introductory course for you.

You will be using a Topper Topaz which is ideal for those new to sailing as they offer great stability and space to move in.

RYA Level 1 Start Sailing covers: How to sail in all directions, including an awareness of launching and recovering. 

Cost: £230pp

Includes the use of a wetsuit and all course material.

RYA Level 2 (Basic Skills)

If you have completed your RYA Level 1 or have previously done some sailing, the RYA Level 2 course is the next stage for you.

The RYA Level 2 course builds on what you previously learnt in RYA Level 1.  

Course content covers; Rigging, launching, sailing in all directions, capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge.

Cost: £230pp

Includes the use of a wetsuit and all course material.

RYA Level 3 (Better Sailing)

The aim of this 2 day course is to bridge the gap between RYA Level 2 and the Advanced Sailing Modules.

Your RYA instructor will introduce some basic racing skills, so you can get more out or your sailing in a club environment.

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