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Your safety is our number one priority when on or off the water.

As a family business, all our our staff are carefully selected for not only their watersport skills, but for their care and understanding to you and your family.


Recognition & Accreditation.

We are proud to boast that St Andrews Watersports has achieved recognition and accreditation from the leading UK Governing Bodies; ensuring the strictest of safety procedures are adhered to.

Lake Side

As soon as you arrive, you are booked in onsite so that we know exactly who is lake side. Our friendly reception team will check you in for your watersports activity once you have parked in our lake side car park, handing you into the care of our beach crew to guide you through the activity you are about to take part in.

We politely ask that you do not leave the watersports area to explore around the lake side.

On the Water

Everyone must wear a Buoyancy Aid/Personal Floatation Device. The only exception being if you have your own Stand Up Paddleboard attached to you via a leash.

Lake users have their own clearly defined areas marked out by buoys. Activity areas will be guided on the day according to the current weather conditions.

Designated safety crew are keeping a close eye on you during your activity. At all times there is a safety powerboat afloat and a safety kayaker with the swimmers. On the water safety cover is on a ratio of 1:10 for swimming and 1:6 for sailing.

First Aid

All our staff are specifically trained in Emergency First Aid and hold the qualification with the Royal Yachting Association which includes First Aid in the water.

Two Automatic Defibrillators are onsite and can be found at the Watersports Reception as well as the Dive Reception.

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