St Andrews Lakes is a naturally flooded disused chalk quarry pit and probably the deepest inland lake in the South east of England with depths down to 34m.

We have easy access to the waters edge where our dive area is located, along with changing facilities, fully-equipped classrooms and a lake side cafe.

Our dive area currently has 16 features at various depths as well as training platforms, not to mention the abundant fish life!

Scuba Diving

Old car found at the bottom of a quarry, rust has over taken it, door of the car is open .
clear water_edited.jpg

Visibility in the picture is for representation only. Can vary from day-day.


  • Platform @ 4m

  • Sailing Dinghy @ 5m

  • Platform @ 6m

  • Speed Boat @ 10m

  • Aeroplane Fuselage @ 10m

  • Platform @ 12m

  • Post Box @ 14m

  • Lorry Cab @ 19m

  • Transit Van @ 20m

  • Caravan @ 23m

  • Double Decker Bus @ 24m

  • Motor Cruiser @ 26m

  • 7.5ton Van @ 32m

  • Container @ 32m

  • Yacht @ 32m

  • Platform @ 34m

Diving is available to dive schools and structured groups that can be 100% self-sufficient. We cannot facilitate divers that are not part of dive school or structured group.

Diving Hours: Mon-Fri 1000hrs 'til 1830hrs (Clear of water)

Please contact us for availability and booking paperwork.

Learn to Scuba

If you are wishing to learn to Scuba or looking for courses, we would recommend that you contact Terry at Thanet Diving -