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St Andrews Lakes Wellness

Swim, Sauna & Hot Tubs


Woodfired Lakeside Sauna

Surrender yourself to wellbeing as you embrace Scandinavian tradition with our very unique and stunning Royal Tubs sauna.  Our woodfired sauna design is bespoke and hand crafted by Royal Tubs.

Large panoramic windows overlook the beautiful blue waters of St Andrews Lakes, creating a light and roomy sauna experience whilst you enjoy the health benefits of a naturally wood fired sauna.

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Woodfired Hot Tubs

Imagine sinking into the warm, bubbling embrace of our luxurious hot tubs, surrounded by the serene waters of St Andrews Lakes. Our lakeside location provides a breathtaking backdrop, enhancing your relaxation experience. With a crystal clear dipping lagoon or open water swim area just a few feet away, you can soak away your stresses or go for the hot and cold plunge experience in the dipping lagoon.

Cold Plunge Lagoon

Right next to our sauna and hot tubs, lies our natural crystal clear dipping lagoon, where ancient Nordic traditions meet modern wellness. After relaxing in our woodfired sauna, immerse yourself in our invigorating cold plunge, inspired by age-old practices. Experience the transformative health benefits as the chilly waters stimulate circulation, soothe muscles, and invigorate your body and mind.


Relaxation Area

Unwind and enjoy the tranquility of our inviting relaxation area, nestled beside the sauna and hot tubs. As part of your wellness session, sink into relaxation on our comfortable chairs adorned with soft throws, conveniently located just outside the heated changing room. Enjoy a chit chat around the warm fire and let your worries drift away!


Book Your Wellness Experience

1.5hr Session - Access to the Sauna, Hot Tubs & Cold Plunge Dipping Lagoon 

Wellness Experience - £20

This is includes full access to our wellness centre for 1.5hrs.

Swim & Wellness - £20

This is a special offer for our inducted open water swimmers.

Limited offer!

Private Hire Of Our Wellness Centre Is Available
Contact Us For More Info & Booking

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