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Open Water Swimming at St Andrews Watersports

Open Water Swim Coaching


Private Swim Coaching

Improve your Open Water Swimming.

Here at St Andrews Lakes we have a huge range of reasons why you are either wishing to try open water swimming or already love to swim. Be it to get away from the stresses of life or staying in shape for competitions.

With this in mind, our very experienced swim coach, Ron is here to coach you with his private 45 minute coaching sessions tailored to your needs.

Ron's coaching can help you to:

  • Move from breast stroke to front crawl.

  • Improve your distance using freestyle stroke.

  • Have any individual stroke faults corrected.

  • Learn proper open water swimming techniques for wetsuit and non-wetsuit swimming.

  • Master breathing on both sides.

  • Learn how to pace your swimming to enable swimming over longer distances.

  • Training tips

Your first session will be a personal assessment with Ron to develop your coaching journey.

Group Swim Coaching

Join our monthly swim coaching workshops!

Whether you're a beginner aiming to conquer the basics or an advanced swimmer striving for perfection, our workshops welcome everyone. Learn in a supportive group environment where camaraderie meets progress!

These workshops start with a discussion on what everyone is hoping to get from the course. Videos will be shown on techniques and then these tips will be put into practice on the water! Our lovely coach SJ will film your swims and give hints for improvement. 

Please note you must have completed an induction to participate in any open water swimming at St Andrews Lakes.

Remaining 2024 Dates:

Sunday 22nd October 12pm

Sunday 12th November 12pm

Sunday 10th December 12pm

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