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Sauna Rules & Etiquette

Sauna Safety

  • If Pregnant - ALWAYS consult your doctor before using a sauna.

  • Jewellery and any clothing containing metal parts should not be worn in the sauna.

  • Do not consume alcohol before, during, or after sauna use. 

  • Persons with medical conditions or underlying health problems including cardiac issues / high or low blood pressure / on prescription drugs should consult their GP before using the sauna.

  • Do not eat a large meal before using the sauna.

  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

  • Spend no longer than 15 minutes in sauna at any one time.

  • Leave sauna immediately if you feel uncomfortable, dizzy, nauseous or lightheaded.

  • No glass or metal bottles to be taken into the sauna.

  • Flammable materials including newspapers and magazines should not be taken into the sauna.

Sauna Etiquette

  • Enter and leave quickly and quietly - minimise heat loss and keep it relaxing.

  • Respect the dress code - Remember we're in England! Unless a private booking, please ensure swim wear is worn.

  • Use a towel - For hygiene please use a towel to sit or lie down on. It will also be more comfortable, acting as a buffer between your skin and the hot wood.

  • Ask before pouring water on the rocks - When you pour water on the sauna’s heated rocks, it creates a powerful burst of hot and soothing steam. It feels amazing. But some people don’t like it.

  • So before you pour water on the sauna rocks, ask everyone in the sauna if that’s okay. You need unanimous consent for this one.

  • Don't Listen to music - this is a relaxing experience. No one wants to listen to your phone or what's coming through your headphones.

  • Leave all electronics outside - Apart from steam not doing electronics any good. As above, this is a relaxing experience!

  • Make room for others - We have designed our sauna to be roomy and never overbook it. Sitting down takes priority over laying down. So make room for others.

  • Don't exercise in the sauna - Saunas are for relaxing. Leave your yoga or press ups outside!

  • No grooming - Hair or even nails. Just relax. Groom yourself outside.

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