St Andrews Watersports Full Moon Events



1st 1100hrs - New Year Day Dip

1st 1100hrs - New Year Day Paddle

17th 1630hrs - Wolf Moon Swim

17th 1630hrs - Wolf Moon Paddle

22nd 1300hrs - Cold Water Workshop


13th 1300hrs - Cold Water Workshop

16th 1730hrs - Snow Moon Swim

16th 1730hrs - Snow Moon Paddle


12th 1300hrs - Cold Water Workshop

18th 1800hrs - Worm Moon Swim

18th 1800hrs - Worm Moon Paddle

27th 1300hrs - Cold water Workshop


16th 2000hrs - Pink Moon Swim

16th 2000hrs - Pink Moon Paddle

17th 0930hrs - Easter Paddle (session 1)

17th 1100hrs - Easter Paddle (session 2)


8th 0930hrs - 5km Swim Series

16th 2100hrs - Flower Moon Swim

16th 2100hrs - Flower Moon Paddle

19th 1800hrs - Ladies Night Swim

19th 1800hrs - Ladies Night Paddle


1st 1800hrs - Perimeter Swim

2nd & 3rd - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

     Themed weekend and Cream Teas.

10th 1800hrs - Singles Night

12th 0800hrs - 5km Swim Series

13th various times - SEN Aqua Park Session

16th 1800hrs - Ladies Night Swim

16th 1800hrs  - Ladies Night Paddle

21st 0430 - Summer Solstice Swim

21st 0430 - Summer Solstice Paddle

26th 0800hrs - Perimeter Swim


6th 1800hrs - Perimeter Swim

10th 0800hrs - 5km Swim Series

11th various times - SEN Aqua Park Session

21st 1800hrs - Ladies Night Swim

21st 1800hrs  - Ladies Night Paddle

31st 0800 - Perimeter Swim


3rd 1800hrs - Perimeter Swim

14th 0800hrs - 5km Swim Series

18th 1800hrs - Ladies Night Swim

18th 1800hrs  - Ladies Night Paddle

28th 0800hrs - Perimeter Swim


7th 1800hrs - Perimeter Swim

10th 1930hrs - Harvest Moon Swim

10th 1930hrs - Harvest Moon Paddle

11th 0800hrs - 5km Swim Series

12th various times - SEN Aqua Park Session

15th 1800hrs - Ladies Night Swim

15th 1800hrs  - Ladies Night Paddle

25th 0800hrs - Perimeter Swim


9th 1700hrs - Hunters Moon Swim

9th 1700hrs  - Hunters Moon Paddle

30th 1700hrs - Halloween Swim

30th 1700hrs - Halloween Paddle


8th 1600hrs - Beaver Moon Swim

8th 1600hrs - Beaver Moon Paddle


8th 1600hrs - Cold Moon Swim

8th 1600hrs - Cold Moon Paddle

26th 1000hrs - Boxing Day Dip

26th 100hrs - Boxing Day Paddle

Halloween Swim at St Andrews Lakes
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Full Moon Swim at St Andrews Lakes
Winter Open water Swimming