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SUP Yoga

Discover a unique and serene way to practice yoga with our brand new Paddleboard Yoga sessions at St Andrews Lakes! All sessions are in the evening so the lake is at it's calmest and there is little else on the water. SUP Yoga combines traditional yoga practices with the added challenge and benefit of being on a paddleboard! Led by our experienced and qualified instructor Steph Dias, this class is suitable for all levels aged 18+.


When you arrive for your session, a full safety briefing will be given, explaining all equipment and a mini taster of how to paddle. Classes are 1 hour in duration, allowing time to get on and off the water.

For safety reasons, you must be able to swim in order to attend these classes. 

The boards used are DHYANA 11'0" designed specifically for SUP yoga and are completely beginner friendly.

There is a docking station which you and your board will be secured to.


Why SUP Yoga?​

Not only will you reap all the benefits that you get from a normal yoga practice, but with SUP Yoga you get to be at one with nature, connect with the elements and feel a complete sense of tranquillity.

The Benefits:​

✔ Connecting with the water gives a sense of peace, calmness and positive wellbeing.

✔ Create a greater sense of mindfulness, creativity, concentration, confidence and space for growth.

✔ Increases flexibility, blood circulation, strengthens muscles and promotes a healthy spine.

✔ Enhances balance, posture, coordination and strength.

✔ Connecting with the outdoors is proven to improve  your mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

✔ Relaxes your physical, mental and energetic body.

✔ Realigns the balance of mind, body and soul.

What To Bring?​

  • Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in with no restrictions such as leggings, shorts, t-shirts and a jumper for the colder evenings.

  • It is recommended that you're bare foot, however if you have your own wetsuit boots then you are welcome to wear these.

  • Please bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

  • A spare change of clothes if you’re lucky enough to fall in the water!

Make the most of our introductory offer of £30 per person!

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